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Posted by SP3KTR3-X - January 15th, 2017

What's up guys, today is the Public release of Pussymon Full-Beta [Part 01] (This version joins episodes 06 and 07 with new mecanichs and new lines in the plot). At first, I was intending to upload it here in Newgrounds but, because the Full-Beta [Part 01] Is episode 06 and 07 with some new stuff, probably the previous episodes can be deleted from Newgrounds if I upload it here (as a duplicated upload). So I made a public post for the download of the Full beta in my Patreon. You can download and read more about the Full-beta here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/pussymon-full-1-7780207 (In my Patreon you can also download the previous episodes).

Next month I'll return to upload a new episode per month here in Newgrounds, starting with Episode 19 that will be released at Feb 11. There's many new things coming in the Pussymon Project in this year. Keep an eye on next updates. See you later.


Posted by SP3KTR3-X - November 18th, 2016

What's up guys, this month I'm working in something that many people are asking for, the Full-Beta version of Pussymon, with this new version I will be able to add and enhance many things in the mechanics and gameplay, how it gonna join everything from previous episodes (and also some new content) I will need to make it in parts, for the first release I'm working in the new mechanics that will be the base for the upcoming updates and in episode 06 and 07 that now gonna be episode 01 and 02, I also gonna change and enhance many things in interface, battle system, in the bag and many other things, We gonna have a lot of new things. The public release for the new updates will be 30 days after the $1+ supporters in Patreon, next week I'll relase episode 18 here, so it gonna have a delay till the first release of the Full-Beta, but how I intend to keep the updates monthly in Patreon, it will also have a new update each month here in Newgrounds (50 days after the official release date). In this Full-Beta version I intend to make two episodes per update with some new content and reworking many things (like story, maps, systems...) and then when we reach the episode 18 I will bring new episodes probably into the Full-Beta itself. I'm yet not sure of how I'm gonna release the updates here in Newgrounds, after I release the first part I can update the same archive in the same link or I can remove the old file and add the newest version as a new entry, I'm open for suggestions so feel free to PM me about how you guys think that will be the best way to update the Full-Beta here. We gonna have a lot of new things coming in Pussymon. Keep an eye on next updates. See you later.


Posted by SP3KTR3-X - July 21st, 2016

What's up guys,

I wrote a big post in Patreon with info and details about the next release dates for the Pussymon updates, upcoming content and other things I'm planning to do in the Pussymon Project, you can check it here: 


See you later

Posted by SP3KTR3-X - August 6th, 2015

Here's a draw to celebrate 500+ newgrounds fans. Thanks for following me.

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/sp3ktr3-x/500-fans (+18)

Also made a draw to celebrate 100+ supporters on Patreon.

https://www.patreon.com/posts/3118513 (+18)

See you later.

Posted by SP3KTR3-X - May 25th, 2015

Just a quickie draw to celebrate +200 newgrounds fans.


http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/sp3ktr3-x/200-fans (+18)