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What's up, guys. It's been a while since the last post I made here. As most of you know, the reason I stopped adding the new episodes here is because most people (if not everyone) was having trouble to play flash files because of the changes that happened in most browsers. At first my intention was take some time to find a new software to work, however it's taking more time than I expected, mostly because of the files size. The full game gonna have more than 500 characters available and each one gonna have at least six scenes, so I need to find a software where the final file doesn't get too big (as it would be in flash).

However, there are still many ways to play flash files offline, the easier way is by using the Adobe's debugger console (Just search for Flash debugger on Google). So, I still bringing the new episodes every month on my Patreon, as a $1+ supporter you will have access to all episodes released till last month and as a $10+ supporter you will have access to all the newest episodes and all special editions including the episode 77, which is the newest Halloween Special who was released yesterday (This one is a bigger episode with lots of new stuff and more than 40 new scenes available).

I'm still trying other software and I want you to know that what I really want is to let Pussymon available in more formats (I will keep Flash but I intend to let the final files available in other formats too).

I know many of you have questions, so feel free to PM me here or in Patreon, I wasn't able to reply to everyone yet, but sooner or later I'll answer any questions you have about the Pussymon Project.

Thanks again to everyone who's supporting me in this big Project. Have a happy Halloween. See you later.


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