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Pussymon Full-Beta [Part 01] Public Release

Posted by SP3KTR3-X - January 15th, 2017

What's up guys, today is the Public release of Pussymon Full-Beta [Part 01] (This version joins episodes 06 and 07 with new mecanichs and new lines in the plot). At first, I was intending to upload it here in Newgrounds but, because the Full-Beta [Part 01] Is episode 06 and 07 with some new stuff, probably the previous episodes can be deleted from Newgrounds if I upload it here (as a duplicated upload). So I made a public post for the download of the Full beta in my Patreon. You can download and read more about the Full-beta here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/pussymon-full-1-7780207 (In my Patreon you can also download the previous episodes).

Next month I'll return to upload a new episode per month here in Newgrounds, starting with Episode 19 that will be released at Feb 11. There's many new things coming in the Pussymon Project in this year. Keep an eye on next updates. See you later.


Comments (7)

The .swf doesn't work for me. Whenever I try to open it in a browser, it just launches a dialog asking me what I want to do with the file and tries to replicate itself.

Hey man, in this case you can try to download a media player that runs flash files (most of they support flash) Feel free to PM me with more details if you still have problems by opening this way.

Just completed the beta, It's looking great! the art is improved, although the zomlet foreplay wasn't updated, shame. i think the major things to fix is the english, quite a lot of grammar that needs attention. and i experienced with some pussymon that when i wanted to train them it said i had 999 train points, even though i obviously didn't. also when you die you always return to bridgets house, even when you're playing the second part of the game aka episode seven. it would make more sense to return to sara's house and have dot standing in town for transport (sara's house also had the title 'bridget's house' btw).

I don't want to shoot your beta down, i loved it!! Just want to you to keep improving, you're doing a great job! keep it up!! :D

Thanks man, glad you like it. As the Pussymon Project itself, the BETA is still in development. Many things will be reworked, replaced, fixed and improved. Also there's lot of things I'm still gonna add, keep an eye on next updates, there's much more to come.

why so much anal? i don't mind it's just that anal takes 50-65% BJ take 10-15% and vaginal Sex takes 20%. still love the game.

Thanks man, I'm now adding vaginal and anal options to almost all new Pussymon, you will see it in the newest episodes.

I LOVE PUSSYMON great job with the entire game the story line is great and i cant wait till it ends, so i can play the full game :P good gob.

Thanks, man, glad you like it. There's much more to come. Keep an eye on next updates.

May I ask which browser are you using? Just in case if problem still not solved.

I usually work with Chrome, but I also check my games with other browsers.

loved the game the Pussymon were awesome especially the cow gal I'm guessing more animations will be added soon for all the girls so won't say much about the foreplay thing

the care system is pretty cool I found it kinda difficult to do at first finding and farming blowbats and such but it did get a tad easier
i disliked how when i went to the new area and fainted i was sent all the way back to the first

but other than that not much complain about its very well done im not sure if i was supposed to beable to fill all the black boxed (probly not) but thats neiter here nor there

Thanks, man, glad you like it. A world map will be added in future to allow you to teleport among areas and also choose the place you will return after lose a battle. About the bag, I already made it with boxes to add the upcoming Pussymon in the next updates of the Beta, each page gonna have 30 Pussymon available. There's much more to come, keep an eye on next updates.

When is ep20 coming out, I'm looking forward to it!

The public release will be at Mar 17.